What is the value of Media Relations?

This infographic illustrates the media coverage for “Hong Kong in Venice – the Venice Biennale in Architecture” which is held annually in Venice, Italy. It shows the media strategy used to garner media coverage with art / design / architecture journalists from China, US, UK, Italy and Europe.

This infographic shows the case study of the “Hong Kong in Venice” PR and Publicity Campaign which also won an award in an international competition.

Please note that no media from Hong Kong attended the Biennale in Venice, Italy. Since the event ran three months, architects and designers comprising the 13 teams were interviewed by the media based out of Hong after the official Opening Days. As a result of this campaign, this has raised the profile of the architectural / design teams from Hong Kong, and made the media aware of this important international architectural event and Hong Kong’s involvement at the Biennale.

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